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Hawaii Parkour is an educational fitness organization, dedicated to sharing the healthy movement and risk-assement strategies that Parkour training can provide.

December Jam and A Vision for Kamaliʻi Mini Park

Kamaliʻi Mini Park, corner of Beretania Ave and Bishop St

***Upcoming Jam! ***

Saturday, Dec 12, 3pm-6pm at Kamali’i Mini Park in Honolulu!

End of 2020 *socially distanced* parkour jam!
Current average COVID-19 New Cases per day: 99.
Source: Civil Beat Virus Tracker.
•○• •○•   

As of this posting, O’ahu is not yet at tier 3, which would allow for gatherings of up to 10 people. As such, please follow the guidelines below if you intend to join us!
Please wear a mask, and bring water and hand sanitizer. We’ll strive to keep in pods of 5 non-family people or less in any given area (see map for key Sections of the park). We will also do a cleanup of the park, with trash bags provided. 
Kamali’i Park is located at the corners of Pali Hwy/Bishop Street, and S. Beretania Ave, right next to the Central 1 fire station. This park has been chosen as a location for Hawaii Parkour’s Vision of a parkour park and community garden space. Continue reading to find out more about it!
And check out @Roland ʻs full mini documentary about Kamali’i! He did a great job showcasing some of the potential of the space.


Roland making a cat leap at Kamaliʻi Mini Park

We have a vision for Kamali’i Mini park! An inviting parkour-inspired play and fitness structure,  a community garden, more lighting and more community involvement,  to help transform this area into a safer and more beautiful place. Over the years the community has often voiced a desire to see this park revitalized, and Hawaii Parkour believes that spaces that intrigue and invite visitors to explore their environment and move through it, help imbue the surrounding area with curiosity and a sense of social safety.

Practitioners of parkour train in ways that ask questions about inherent risk that rely on close inspection of our environment, and through this we can become connected to a space. We seek play that challenges our risk assessment and self-knowledge, and the mental vitality that results in overcoming these challenges could be a benefit to so many people. In parkour we are always assessing, learning, and adapting, and these are skills that aid us not only in training, but out in our communities at large.

We also recognize the benefits and necessities of having more locally grown food and healthy communities that are connected to and remain stewards of our ʻaina. An owner-plot garden, an educational student garden, an open Food Forest, collections of native watershed-restorative plant life and more trees, any or all of these ideas taking root at Kamaliʻi are exciting for us. We hope to partner with many organizations and citizens that have wanted to see such progress made at Kamaliʻi.

Please check out Our Vision for Kamaliʻi Mini Park, and if you support our ideas, please add your name to our list. And take our survey about what kind of parkour park you’d like to see on O’ahu!

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2 comments on “December Jam and A Vision for Kamaliʻi Mini Park

  1. Teela
    January 12, 2021

    Interested in finding a class for my 6 and 10 year old boys and possibly my other 2 children depending on the time. Are there currently any meeting times at any town parks? Or do you know and teachers I could be referred to?

    • Hawaii Parkour
      January 14, 2021

      Hi Teela! Sure, and thanks for your patience. Just send us an email with your preferred days or times to hawaiiparkour@gmail.com, and we can figure out a schedule 🙂

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