Hawaii Parkour

Hawaii Parkour is an educational fitness organization, dedicated to sharing the healthy movement and risk-assement strategies that Parkour training can provide.


Facebook: Hawaii Parkour Community Page  ;  Hawaii Parkour Official Page

Instagram: @HawaiiParkour 

GroupMe Open Group Chat for Meetups: https://groupme.com/join_group/53624308/XOOXPD9L

We have a small but amazing community here in Hawaii focused on giving back to the ‘aina, welcoming new people to the community and training consciously and respectfully.

We come together once a month for large community Jams. A location and time is announced most often on both our Instagram and Official Facebook page, and at these events all are welcome to move, play, explore and connect, regardless of skill or mobility level. We help each other find movement challenges and encourage one another to train and play.

Ala Wai Jam

At our jams we carry the values of “Leave No Trace.” This means we clean up an area that we are training in, with the aim of leaving it better than we found it.

Trash collectors_alana_Leroy


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