Hawaii Parkour

Hawaii Parkour is an educational fitness organization, dedicated to sharing the healthy movement and risk-assement strategies that Parkour training can provide.

Parkour Boot Camp

705270_10151191711088802_431454616_oParkour Boot Camp!!!! 

Calling anyone and everyone who wants to challenge themselves to learn and grow physically and mentally. Hawaii Parkour presents Parkour Boot Camp starting May 7th, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This is a very basic camp starting with the fundamentals of landings and rolls and gradually moving into balancing, vaults, climbing and jumps. Each class will lead into the next with the intended goal of allowing us to grow and progress alongside one another  through support and team work. We start together! We finish together!

Come be a part of our team as we progress, support and train together. There are only a few spots left so if you’re still interested there are two days left! It only costs $120 for the full six weeks. 

For more information on Parkour Boot or our weekly classes email us at hawaiiparkour@gmail.com

Movement never stops it just finds a new path to explore, come explore a new path with Hawaii Parkour.

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