Hawaii Parkour

Hawaii Parkour is an educational fitness organization, dedicated to sharing the healthy movement and risk-assement strategies that Parkour training can provide.

Balance Marathon #3 ~ June 3rd – 12th

A Million Steps for Mental Health

Adrienne for APK [American Parkour] – Focus and Balance go hand in hand *foot

Itʻs a worldwide collective effort to balance along for 701KM (about 435 miles!) to raise awareness and donations for mental health through parkour programs in the UK (Free Your Instinct) and Wallrunners (Palestine).

Link to register for the balance marathon

Link to donate our join Team Hawaii Parkour

You can choose to participate for free, just register with your pledged distance (you can change it after the marathon if you under or over achieved your goal!) You can also donate whatever amount you would like to go to these very effective mental health programs (for easy reference, £10 British pounds is currently close to $12.50 USD).

Everyone can practice Balance

For those that practice parkour, we may at times have found our focus and clarity heightened while training, and especially when engaging in balance training, the world around us tends to dissipate as we focus on the task.

Coach Richard in Focus Mode – 2013

Hawaii Parkour is starting a group pledge with the goal of 5 miles (about 11,430 steps, OR, approximately two lengths of Central Parks in NYC. Over the next week starting on June 3rd, we will attempt and encourage each other to find a moment for balance. You may balance on whatever you fell like – a street curb, a railing, a high wall.

You can find more information about the mission and organization for the Balance Marathon at the website linked above, but hereʻs what the fundraising goals are:

Your fundraising and donations will help support parkour for mental health and wellbeing throughout the world, heres how:

  • £1 (British Pound) Enables the organizations to provide each participant with drinking water for the session
  • £10 Enables a participant to access a Free Your Instinct or Wallrunners session for FREE
  • £100 enables the organizations to provide coaches with a clearly identifiable uniform, reassuring those who may be nervous about attending a class, to visibly see who to approach
  • £600 Supports a participants journey from Participant to Qualified Coach
  • £1000 enables us to support the continued professional development of coaches, offering supervisionary and therapeutic support for their own mental health and well being

Please join us in this good cause! Challenge yourself, exercise patience, increase your focus and take a moment for BALANCE in your life! ALOHA

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